bela Joska 2017
Our “bread and butter wines”.
The calling card of the Wachter Wiesler vineyard. Cool, purist classicism in its most attractive sense. They find their place as companion wines in fantastic guesthouses and restaurants, but also as elegant, animating table wines in large happy groups of full-blown lovers of red wine. Archetypes for the unique style of the region and the vineyard itself.
hhndgemenge rot 2017



Deutsch Schützen 2017
The village wines of Wachter Wiesler. Sublime ambassadors of the soil characteristics of Deutsch Schützen and Eisenberg. With a focus on finesse, typicity and potential. A price and taste experience at the highest level of Blaufränkisch.
Eisenberg 2017


Ratschen 2017
These wines are the top range of our business. Single origin Blaufränkisch from old vines, with deep roots to the very special (not to say: unequalled) soil structures in Deutsch Schützen and Eisenberg. Lowest Intervention Wines. A companion for decades that will grow and continually evolve in all of its subtle facets with every passing year. The great wines of the future – as long as you have enough patience to wait for them.


Reihburg 2017
Saybritz 2017
Weinberg 2017


Alte Reben 2017
We like purist, cool, delicate, precise reds. What could make more sense than to also apply this approach to our small but excellent portfolio of whites to create a bone-dry style. No matter whether Olaszrizling (Welschriesling), Rotedel (mash fermented Traminer), Old white vines (cuvée from WR & WB) or White melée (cuvée from WR): These creations speak the refreshingly moody language of our unique soils and have no role models except for themselves. They are wild, at times even misbehaving, eccentrics, no doubt. But luckily always ready and for sale.


Handgemenge Weiss 2017
Olaszrizling 2017
Rotedel 2017